What is the difference between handmade sink and ordinary sink


      We all know that the sink is a necessity of every family kitchen, which brings great convenience to people's life. Now there are many sinks on the market, and it is difficult to distinguish between them. For example, what is the difference between a handmade sink and a common sink, and what are its advantages? Let's make an inventory for you!

Stainless steel sink   

1. The so-called handmade sink is made by hand. Usually, the thickness of the sink is 1.2-1.5mm. This thickness of stainless steel plate cannot be stretched on the mold, and it will break once punched. 

2. Secondly, handmade sinks are made by hand, mainly by laser welding, so the requirements for plates and equipment are relatively high. Most of them are made of stainless steel plates above 304, so the cost of handmade sinks is higher. 

3. Reasonable space design: after modern design, the manual water tank has now formed a standard installation standard in the industry. It has been reasonably arranged in space. Once the standard is formed, it is conducive to the rational development of products.

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